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Mental Health, its just as important as your physical health, yet we often ignore the signs. We often “battle on” regardless not realising just what we are doing to ourselves, our friends and our families.

Here at MindWise Solutions Ltd our trainers have seen, heard and felt the effects this can have, either from personal experience or from seeing friends and family go through various situations. This has given us the empathy to understand how people can feel, its also given us experiences that you can’t get in books or a classroom. We use this experience to help you to understand which course may be best for you.

Our aim is to make mental health first aid and support as commonplace as physical aid, to make talking about your mental health as commonplace as talking about your physical health. Our courses are fully accredited and backed by MHFA England and the Royal College of psychiatrists and we also utilise a new online learning platform built especially for these courses. More information about our courses and the content can be found in our “Courses” section.


Ensuring high quality mental health training which won't be beaten on delivery and profesionalism 


Michael Connolly


Michael has spent the last 30 years in L&D, working as a forklift truck instructor in the 1990’s to Training Standards and compliance manager for an international Security/FM company. In his last role he travelled globally helping airports around the world to become more accessible and helped to create some of Europe’s first Autism & Dementia friendly accredited airports whilst also being a government advisor on accessibility & Anti-slavery.

He has always worked towards helping people overcome societal barriers to their conditions, and mental health is no different.

Personal experience as well as those with family, friends & colleagues led Michael many years ago to look into mental health and he has gained experience and qualifications in many aspects of the subject. Michael is an acredited MHFA Instructor Member and also and I-Act Mental Health instructor and co presents these courses with his colleague Everita.

His aim at MindWise Solutions Ltd is to make mental health as easy to talk about as physical health, he believes they are equally important yet mental health still has many taboos which can be put to ground simply by making the conversation of mental health an every day thing.

Everita Strelca


Everita has spent over 25 years in the aviation industry.

As manager of Passenger Services, she found herself fully immersed in the people side of the business. This has helped to shape her understanding of people from all walks of life travelling under all levels of pressure.

For the last 13 years Everita concentrated on training in the PRM (Assisted Travel) contract which assists people with disabilities to use air transport and has trained staff at airports around the world.


Having first-hand experience of poor mental health, she recognised the lack of formal support and has worked towards helping people to identify the signs of poor mental health and direct them to various support services early enough to make a difference.

Everita is qualified in both MHFA and I-Act mental health strategies and brings her knowledge, skills and personal experience into her training.



We believe that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, therefore early intervention and support is key. Our courses ensure that our trainees are in a key position to deliver support and sign posting to those who need it, when they need it. We truly care that those who attend our courses and our community are in a position to support each other and themselves. 


In order to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, we believe that it is crucial to normalise the conversations about this subject. Our courses will guide you on how to approach the subject of mental health and how to begin a conversation. Everyone of us in our community has the power to start a conversation, therefore every one of us has the power to make the change.


It is essential when dealing with mental health that information is reliable, current and consisitent. As such, everybody will receive the same quality of training. By offering support both during and after our courses we help you to keep up to date with new developments.