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“The i-act training has given us easy-to follow tools and techniques to help in assessing and improving our wellbeing at work. It has also given us a greater understanding and a first-response approach for supporting someone else who may be in distress due to a mental health or wellbeing issue.”  

Understanding and promoting positive Mental Health & WellBeing in the workplace.

Course Details 

  • Book an i-act course, the ESSENTIAL course for ALL of your employees & frontline workers and it's internationally recognised for all industries.

    Become a registered i-act for positive mental health and wellBeing employee/frontline worker

    • Managers and staff working in different offices in different countries?

    • Managers or staff that may travel from country to country?

    • Looking for a robust accredited course that will support all of your managers and staff no matter where they are?

    • Then look no further, i-act is recognised around the world as a proactive support tool for your managers and staff, regardless of their location. Your staff will receive the same information, tools and resources so that you know they can support their colleagues anywhere in your business!



Upon successful completion of the i-act training for employees/front-line workers you will receive:

    • certification as an approved i-act practitioner*

    • a copy of the 156-page evidence-based i-act practitioners course manual, toolkit and resource pack

    • free membership, an i-act practitioner, to the UK-wide Wellbeing Community 

    • free access to the online i-act practitioners resources

    • accreditation by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

    *i-act registration is valid for 3 years. 


  • This i-act training is aimed at supporting employees to improve their workplace wellbeing, and support others who may experience a mental health or wellbeing issue. 


  • The i-act course comes with a 156-page evidence-based course manual, toolkit and resource pack (pictured left) for each participant.


  • The i-acmanual includes over 45 tools to support employees and over 95 agencies/organisations to refer on to.

  • The evidence-based i-act course and manual cites over 200 pieces of reputable references, researched by leading academics in the field working at Doctorate level.


  • The i-accourse highlights how we can all improve our wellbeing to help build resilience. 

Why i-act for employees?

Course objectives: the i-act course for employees/front-line workers aims to:

  • give participants a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues and recognise when further help and support may be required


  • provide some practical tools for managing stress, anxiety and low mood, and for promoting positive wellbeing to help build resilience

  • offer guidance and advice for how we may connect with others who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issue

  • equip participants with a resource pack, toolkit and signposting to further help and support concerning mental health and wellbeing issues.